Complete IT Solution Service For Perth Businesses

Our complete IT Solution Service  includes  a free initial audit,  providing you with IT business solutions from setup to ongoing support, maintenance, computer repairsprinter service repairs and photocopier service repairs


Business Connectivity Solutions

The Office Technician based in Malaga Perth, are committed to finding the best connectivity services for your business.  Connect your business with The Office Technician and we will make connectivity work for you.

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Office Telephone VoIP System Solutions

Office Telephone VoIP System Solutions Perth Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the delivery of phone calls and phone communication over IP networks such as the Internet instead of over public switched telephone networks. The Office Technician provide efficient VoIP solutions connecting your phone system on the cloud and eliminating the expensive overheads of a traditional corporate phone network.

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Office Computer Network Solutions Services

Office Computer Network Services Perth | Setup | Installation | TroubleshootingThe Office Technician Computer Network Solutions cover a number of service offerings based around your network and data cabling, internet and system troubleshooting. Our customer focus and reliable expertise has assisted SME businesses all over Perth with affordable technology solutions for a more efficient and effective business that starts with a reliable network.

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Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Network Services PerthOur Cloud Computing Solutions Services are tailored in the most practical and efficient ways to suit your business requirements. Cloud computing services enable the sharing of resources and information over a network where they can be accessed by authorised users from anywhere, at any time. 

“The Cloud” simplifies the way your business shares and sends information, creating a more efficient operating environment. Your data is securely stored in your own private cloud saving you time and money when you stop paying for infrastructure and maintenance fees.

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Office IT Procurement Services


Custom Built Office Computers Supply

Office Custom Built Computer Supply Perth

Supplying custom built office computers to SME’s has been our core business for over 20 years. The Office Technician sources the best technology for your business and provides comprehensive computing solutions.


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IT Support Services


Data Protection and Internet Security IT Services

DATA PROTECTION AND INTERNET SECURITY IT SERVICES PERTHPerhaps the most important protection for your data is comprehensive Internet security via firewalls and anti-virus software. The Office Technician can set up, maintain and upgrade your data security to ensure your business and your client information remains protected and secure.

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Data Storage and Recovery Services

DATA STORAGE AND RECOVERY SERVICES PERTHThe Office Technician offer IT tech support and services to SME businesses located in the Perth metro area. We get IT sorted with solutions for data storage,  data backup and data recovery to ensure your business information and data is safely stored and protected at all times. All over the world hard drives fail every day and information that has not been backed up is potentially lost.

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IT Repair and Maintenance Service


Office Computer Maintenance and Repair Services Perth

Office Computer Maintenance and Repair Services PerthThe office Technician provide fully experienced computer repair technicians of the highest standard. For over 20 years The Office Technician have provided Perth businesses with comprehensive computer maintenance & repair services.


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Photocopier Maintenance Service and Repairs Perth

Photocopier Maintenance Service and Repairs Perth

Business down time can be costly when it comes to issues with your photocopier, and making sure your office copier is fixed promptly and efficiently is important to us.

Our repair technicians are experienced in photocopier servicing and provide repairs on all photocopier brands including Kyocera, Brother, Canon, HP, Lexmar and Samsung, just to name a few.

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Office Printer Repair Services Perth

Office Printer Repair Services PerthPrinters and office hardware of today are becoming more than just printers. With scanning capabilities, wifi capable, wireless printing, setup and troubleshooting can be quite complicated. We provide servicing, repairs and maintenance of all your office printers, regardless of make and model, new or old.

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